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Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits

Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits

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We know we’re not the only player in town. There are, of course, other great R&D tax advisors out there including the ‘Big Four’.

But in a sea of advisors promising the world, we’re the calm you’ve been looking for.

With a proven track record, outstanding reputation, and a diverse portfolio of complementary services to see you from humble beginnings to world domination, we’re confident that once you choose us, you won’t want to go anywhere else again.

Calculating a claim for R&D tax credits is not just a numbers exercise. I'd strongly recommend using MPA because of their knowledge of our business, our sector, and our clients....our MPA analyst can identify when things like system integration protocols, reducing data search times, or building an OLAP database represent an advance or innovation.

I'm 100% sure that our accountant can't.

Barry Clark Director, Doc-Works

Service you Deserve

People come to MPA because they’ve experienced frustrations with other advisors or simply don’t have the confidence their claims are being handled thoroughly.

Thankfully, because we have 15 years of experience and a reputation for excellence (we’re the highest-rated established R&D specialists on TrustPilot), we know we can offer something better.

The 'quality' of an R&D claim doesn't come in how much you can claim, but in understanding how much you should. It's not about how quickly it can be done but how diligently. And it's in the experience and knowledge the advisor brings, not in how cheap their fees are.

The tax regime is going to get even stricter in years to come, so if you can't trust what you're advisor, accountant, or even you are doing with claims NOW, it's time to rethink and invest in a better partner.

Share your challenges, opportunities, concerns, and experiences with us and we're confident you'll see what 'good' service looks like.

Free claim review

If you have concerns about any of your previous claims or you're just curious for a second opinion, ask us for a free claim review. We'll benchmark it against our own industry standards and review your qualifying costs to determine whether improvements can be made.

The funding landscape is changing quicker than ever so it's crucial your professional services provider be your eyes and ears on all things innovation, finance, and business.

Qualified accountants, tax advisors, and analysts with real-world science and tech experience make up your MPA claims team, while our business consultants stay connected to some of the UK's best innovation networks so you can take advantage of insight collected from across the country.

Work with a team as unique as you are

Excellent company and amazing quality of service. Friendly, responsive, accessible whenever required with our accounts and R&D service. I cannot recommend the great team enough for their professionalism - MPA client

Hiring an R&D adviser can be a considerable cost, so it's important that your investment pays dividends - and not just financial ones.

Our four-step process has been designed with efficiency in mind so that we can take the claim forwards without needing hours of your time.

  1. Discovery is crucial to getting your claim right.
    During this phase we'll match you with someone with relevant experience. We have analysts from a variety of backgrounds and sectors but they have one thing in common; the technical understanding needed to speak your language. That means less time explaining your business, and more time to uncover qualifying activities and costs
  2. Compiling your claim is down to us.
    Once you've provided everything we need in the discovery phase, we'll take it away and our tax, accounts and technical editors will work on your claim pack. We'll check figures, calculate your claim value, describe and evidence the work to provide it's eligible for relief and do so in a way that HMRC can easily understand and approve
  3. You have the final say. 
    It's important that you're happy with everything in your claim, so you'll get an explanation of our calculations and a rundown of how we're evidencing your work before submission. A good sign off process here also means that we're on the same page should a compliance check be raised - saving you even more time in that scenario
  4. Submission made easy.
    We'll liaise with HMRC to get your claim filed, processed, and paid. Your MPA account manager will keep you updated on progress so you can get on with running your business instead of chasing HMRC, and we even have options if you need the funds even quicker

[The MPA team are]...always on hand for advice and so very efficient - MPA client

15 years of experience means you'll be able to get back to running your business quickly, safe in the knowledge your R&D tax relief claim is being taken care of when you work with MPA. Book an exploration call today.

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