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Forecasting and Reviews

Assessing your business and building for the future

Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how critical accurate forecasting and reviews really are. The ability to assess current performance and model scenarios has been the situational awareness many businesses have used to survive over the last twelve months, and we think that will – and should – continue.

Building back better

Knowing not only how to survive in the current climate but seeing a clear path to thriving. The only way to do this beyond guesswork and your favourite pair of lucky socks is to model different scenarios against forecasts.  

Many of our clients benefit from regular forecasts in a standalone capacity or choose to combine this with our Management Accounts service to get the fullest possible insights into their business.

With regular reviews we help innovative business leaders make small course corrections in their strategy, providing agility in a chaotic world.  

Because we invest heavily in people rather than algorithms, working with MPA as your trusted partner is a friendly and human experience. We get to know you, your ambitions, and your strategy, so we align forecasting to your needs rather than a standard process.