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Business Advice

Always Moving is the MPA strapline for a reason: successful businesses don’t stand still.

Markets, sectors, economies, people – none of them are static, so you can’t afford to be, either.

But we also know that sometimes just steering the ship takes over, and making any kind of headway becomes impossible.

We want to bring our passion for innovative thinking to your business, to help you and your teams seize opportunities, meet challenges, and evolve in a way that’s both calculated, and manageable.

Whether you need help getting a forecasting and review process off the ground, require external support with strategic planning, or need more practical business advice like how to reward employees, spend some time telling us about your challenges and ambitions and we’ll help you find a practical way through.

How We Work

Our business advice service brings three things together: our passion for innovative thinking, your passion for your business, and the hard financials that underpin everything.

You’ll benefit from a bespoke team of qualified tax advisors and accountants, sector specialists from engineering, science, and technology backgrounds, and experienced leaders with proven track records of helping SMEs succeed and grow.

Simply let us know what you need and we’ll go from there.

Forecasting and Reviews

Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown how critical accurate forecasting and reviews really are.

The ability to assess current performance and model scenarios has been the situational awareness many businesses have used to survive over the last twelve months, and we think that will – and should – continue.


Many of our clients benefit from regular forecast reports in a standalone capacity or choose to combine this with our Management Accounts service to get the fullest possible insights into their business.


With regular reviews we help innovative business leaders make small course corrections in their strategy, providing agility in a chaotic world.  

Because we invest heavily in people rather than algorithms, working with MPA as your trusted partner is a friendly and human experience. We get to know you, your ambitions, and your strategy, so we deliver perfectly against your needs. 

Strategic Planning

It has never been more important in a world of rapid change to have a professional accounting and business advisor to support strategic planning.

We can be the additional board member you need, the facilitator that keeps things on track, the accountant who knows the figures, and the tax advisor that keeps you efficient.

If you’ve no idea where to start or find strategic planning difficult or even impossible, there’s no need to panic. Get in touch today. 

Intangible Asset Review

Non-physical resources like brand recognition, goodwill, intellectual property, customer lists, creative collateral, and software all have financial value. But not many tax advisors or accountants, let alone business owners, really know how to calculate what they’re worth with accuracy year on year.

Our Intangible Asset Review service looks to correctly recognise the value of these kinds of assets in order that they’re not only being reported correctly but so relief eligibility isn’t unnecessarily impacted.

Whether you’re looking to acquire a business, sell yours, or just need help understanding what costs should be capitalised or not, investing in an Intangible Asset Review will give you the reassurance that you’re doing what is right for the business.

Transfer Pricing

Many of our clients are part of larger groups or have international activities. In these scenarios, a clear transfer pricing policy can help cost allocation – across different parts of the same organisation domestically and when selling services to companies in other countries.

If you’re unsure how and what to recharge, we can help you calculate the right transfer price, create a solid policy to work from, and advise on existing policies.

To deliver this valuable service you’ll work with one of MPAs senior colleagues who will start by gaining a detailed understanding of your business and its structures before deciding on the best method for transfer pricing for you.


Most of the work we undertake involves some legality.

In order to keep fees lower and processes simple, we deal with all the legal aspects required for delivery, and advice.

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