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Statutory Accounts

We make the inevitable easier

Completing annual or period-end accounts is something that you have to do, whether you’re a limited or unlimited company or a limited liability partnership.

Sometimes referred to as statutory accounts, these are a set of financial reports prepared at the end of the financial year/period.

Required by law, they report on the financial activity and performance of your company and are usually shared with shareholders, board members, Companies House and HMRC. They are part of your tax return and are used to calculate your corporation tax liability. 

Adding value with every interaction

Preparing these accounts can be dauntingespecially if you’re only working with an accountant once a year.

At MPA we’re different.

We’re not the suits who slow down your business with bureaucracy or leave you out in the cold for 11 months of the year; from your first introduction, you’ll find a team of people who will add value with every interaction and a group of experts who know when you need the extra information, but also when to provide a quick and accurate answer. 

If all you need is a timely, accurate set of accounts, we’ll deliver and be on call when you need anything clarified. On the other hand, if you want an extension of your team – a partner in financial management – we can do that too.  

We’ll advise and guide you on the ways to make your business about ideas and opportunities, rather than paperwork and deadlines. 

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s what our long list of clients across all sectors of innovation value most about our Accountancy and Business Advisory services; a trusted partner who understands our role to facilitate the security and growth of our client’s business and assist in the realisation of their ambitions.  

Our process is as personal and face to face or digital and cloud-based as you prefer. The consistent feature throughout is your experience of MPA as a trusted partner, built on our core values of Client First, Excellence in Execution, and Innovation.   

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