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Accounting and Business Advice

Tailored to your business

Most businesses are created with a vision to make a lasting mark in the world, whether driven by personal, financial, or social goals. Unfortunately, once a business reaches a certain size, the vision and an innovation mindset is replaced with administration, and before you know it the work of running the business has stifled creative thinking and consumed management bandwidth.

That’s where MPA comes in.

We exist to release, accelerate, and sustain innovation and growth, freeing up senior leaders through our experience and broad range of professional services.

A personalised approach

Your personal account manager is just the start. At MPA, we provide a transparent and friendly service — which means we’re open to answer any questions at any time.

With over 2000 clients, we have a wealth of valuable experience to inform the advice we give you, and we’ll always talk to you like a human being – no complicated explanations or technical jargon.

We also know that every business has different needs, so you can choose from one of our pre-defined packages or we can tailor our accounting services to give you the exact support you’re looking for.

Get in touch with one of our AAT and ACCA qualified accountants today.

Our Services

At MPA, we go above and beyond to deliver accounting services that will be right for your business now, and in the future. We partner with cloud services like Xero to help our clients adjust to the digital era of tax, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that’ll keep your administration and processes simple, but compliant.

To find out more about Making Tax Digital and why it’s important for your business speak to our team today.

Statutory Accounts

Not many people like preparing statutory accounts and even those that do can find the process more painful than it should be.

If you work with MPA, we’ll make sure there’s no rush at the end of your reporting period because we’ll work with you throughout the year, capturing key information and guiding financial decisions to ensure a smooth and accurate year-end process. No panic, no late nights, no missed deadlines.

And MPA will not just provide you with a set of accounts at the end of a year and disappear (unless that’s what you want!). We work closely with our clients to understand the pain points and opportunities in their business, tailoring our services accordingly.

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Management Accounts

The key to great management accounts reports is personalisation. Our team can provide the information you need to get a more detailed view of business performance, leaving fast and critical decision-making to you.

Whether it’s monthly or quarterly P&L and balance sheet reports or something more, we’ll ensure you can keep an accurate view of your financial position.

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Forecasting and Reviews

Regular forecasts and reviews help you use key performance indicators to provide a high-level view of where your business is performing well, and where improvements can be made, allowing small corrective shifts in tactics along the way before emergencies appear.

Accurate production of budgets and forecasts are crucial for the data-led decision making many of our clients benefit from, underpinning intuition and experience needed to make the right calls more often.

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Strategic Planning

It has never been more important in a world of rapid change to have a professional accounting and business advisor to support strategic planning.

At MPA we have a team of experienced consultants with sector-specific knowledge who can support all facets of the strategic planning and execution process.

Outsourced Services

Our clients place a high-value on outsourcing the administrative running of their business to us. At MPA we take the strain by combining accountancy work with ancillary services such as:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • VAT
  • Bookkeeping

Case study: Keeping accountancy personal with SWAP Work Limited

At MPA we have over 30 years’ experience managing accounts. Our success is maintained by making our clients and their business our focus, building a personal relationship from day one. This was certainly true for SWAP, a start-up we have been working with since its foundation by Jeroen Sibia and Dan Silvertown in 2018.

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