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What We Do

Innovation is at the heart of business. But we know that when you’re busy with day-to-day tasks, finding time to innovate can be difficult. Our range of services are designed to give you the freedom to focus on the very thing that inspired your business in the first place — your creativity and ideas.

At MPA, our specialist services include R&D tax credits, Patent Box, accounting and partnerships. Our offering is diverse, but the outcome is the same — we’ll take care of the mundane but necessary tasks that may be distracting you from your business, releasing you to innovate.

R&D Tax Credits / Patent Box / Accounting and Business Advice / Partnerships

R&D Tax Credits

Claim back expenditure

If your company carries out research and development then you should be eligible for R&D tax credits which can reduce your tax bill and increase taxable losses. As experts in R&D claims, our sector and tax specialists will help you maximise your entitlement.



Patent Box

Reduce your corporation tax to 10%

Patent Box is a government scheme that pays companies to invest in innovation. But many businesses are failing to take advantage of this benefit. So if you have a patent, we could help you achieve great returns.


Accounting and Business Advice

Choose the right fit

With our bespoke accounting and business advice services, you’ll get a personal account manager who’ll get to know your business and support you in achieving your goals. We’ll take the pain out of the accounting process, and ensure the best returns.



Make the right connections

By partnering with MPA, you’ll benefit from our expertise in R&D tax credits and Patent Box, to help you make high-value claims and provide an enhanced service to your customers. Learn more about Partnerships.