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Why using a specialist is best

It really does pay to work with a specialist.

It really does pay to work with a specialist.

You may be tempted to use the services of your accountant when it comes to R&D Tax Credit claims, but working with real experts will deliver a greater chance of success.

A review of new MPA clients found that 90% of previous R&D Tax Credit claims generated by their accountants were, in fact, wrong. This has resulted in; HMRC enquiries, claims being rejected, potential sums not being maximised, and unhappy businesses who had put time and resources into a process that they expected to be beneficial.

Making a successful R&D Tax Credit claim relies upon insight into a business’ core activity and gathering the evidence to make a compelling and accurate case that satisfies the eligibility criteria laid down by HMRC.

MPA is well-versed in how to achieve this.


We employ industry specialists who can unearth and understand the nuances of a company’s R&D activities and compile the details needed to drive a claim to a successful conclusion. The £122 million that we have so far claimed back on behalf of companies across a variety of sectors is conclusive proof that our unique sector specialist approach works.

As a business, you should ask yourself three vital questions:

  • Does your accountant really understand the HMRC eligibility rules in detail?
  • Does your accountant understand the intricacies of how your company undertakes eligible R&D-related activity?
  • Does your accountant have a proven track record of managing multiple R&D Tax Credit claims and successfully obtaining over £122 million of funds for companies across many industrial sectors?

If the answer is a resounding NO to any of the above, then your next call should be to tax relief specialists.

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