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MPA’s top 5 innovations at Advanced Engineering 2017

At MPA we have picked our top 5 innovations from Advanced Engineering 2017 that we think are going to change the future.

Advanced Engineering is Europe’s largest gathering of engineering professionals, with an abundance of exciting innovations from both the UK and abroad. They all present great insight into where the industry is heading. We’ve carefully selected our top 5 innovations at Advanced Engineering 2017. Which cover a variety of sectors within the industry.


Sports Aero Solutions Limited- Advantage Wind Tunnel

Sports Aero Solution’s services have helped GB cycling reach the very top. Their expertise in applying fluid dynamic analysis to product design across a wide range of applications allows them to maximise product performance. With a track record of helping GB Cycling improve performance they are currently developing The Advantage Wind Tunnel (AWT) with support from Olympic Gold Medallist Chris Boardman and KW Special Projects. Managing Director, Rob Lewis presented his latest innovation project at Advanced Engineering 2017 in November.

The AWT is designed specifically for the requirements of performance sport. Bringing the benefits of dynamic wind tunnel testing to more teams and riders by reducing the large expense incurred during wind tunnel testing. The AWT analyses bike design, rider position and clothing in a dynamic environment which mirrors real on-road conditions. The effect of cross winds, head winds and tail winds on the rider and equipment can be accurately modelled. Aerodynamics is pivotal in cycling. The less drag area a cyclist has, the easier it is for them to cut through the wind, resulting in less energy being expended. With miniscule margins, having that extra energy for the final push at the end of the race could be the difference between finishing 1st and finishing last.

Developing AWT has the potential of changing performance sports in the UK. With limited access globally to reasonably priced wind tunnel testing around the world, it could help to push British performance sports, particularly cycling, to a whole new level on the world stage.

Scott Bader- Crestapol 1260 High Performance Resin

At the show Scott Bader presented the Caterham Seven sports car, which used their high performance resin on the custom made CFRP roof. The lightweight carbon fibre composite roof was vacuum infused by the Marine Concepts Ltd using Scott Bader’s crestapol 1260 urethane acrylate resin.

The resin was used on the car due to its rapid room temperature curing which drastically speeds up production time, therefore reducing costs. Its compatibility with carbon fibres means the part can be painted without any other surface treatment needed, leading to an aesthetically appealing but durable finish.

Find out more about the Crestapol 1260 resin

Riversimple- Rasa Hydrogen Car

Lightweight, sustainable, award winning; the future of the automotive industry? Riversimple are looking to revolutionise car travel with their Rasa Hydrogen Car.

In recent years, it’s been well documented that we need to change the way we travel. With efforts being made from almost every car manufacturer in the world to become more sustainable, Riversimple may have cracked it.

Their car runs on a hydrogen fuel cell which, even though it’s obtained by natural gas, results in zero emissions from the tailpipe and just 40g CO₂/km Well-to-Wheel. Energy efficiency is increased through the lightweight design and the use of motors for breaking, which recovers 50% of the kinetic energy generated through breaking. Proving its energy efficiency, the Rasa has a range of 300 miles, making it perfect for city driving.

Follow the link for more information on Riversimple’s Hydrogen Car.

Smallfry- Aeolos Search & Rescue Drone


With drone popularity at an all-time high, there have been revolutionary new ideas for their use appearing all over the world. At Advanced Engineering we viewed the concept design from Smallfry industrial designers for their Aeolos Search and Rescue Drone, and we were blown away by the application the design could have in the future. It has the potential to totally redefine search and rescue, keeping not only those being rescued, but also the rescuer safe.

When areas become inaccessible to human rescuers and other forms of transport, The Aeolos Drone can enter with vital supplies. And with drone technology already delivering heavier and heavier payloads, the designers at Smallfry are developing an idea which is no longer implausible.

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Limited- DuAro Dual Arm SCARA Robot

The DuAro robot arms that have been developed by Kawasaki Robots have the ability to co-exist with people at production facilities. The robot’s soft body, work zone monitoring and collision detection system as well as only taking up the same space as one person, increases safety for staff whilst also being easy to teach and control.

The robot can be controlled through iPads by a single controller or taught quickly by hand guiding the arms through the desired operations. It has a variety of uses and with its safeguarding, quick set up time and efficient movement it shows the potential of collaborative working between people and robots.

Follow the link for more information on the DuAro arm.

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