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Reminova: Fighting tooth decay with remineralisation

Reminova, formed in 2014 to provide dentists and patients with revolutionary new preventative treatments for tooth decay, is on a mission to develop methods and processes which work on repairing enamel and reversing decay quickly and painlessly.

Reminova was formed in 2014 to provide dentists and patients with new preventative treatments for tooth decay; it’s mission being to develop methods and processes which work on repairing enamel and reversing decay quickly and painlessly.

Founded by a group of dentists with decades of experience, Reminova has started work to render ‘drill-and-fill’ dentistry a thing of the past, aiming to replace today’s standard tooth decay treatment with their revolutionary new remineralisation treatment which reverses the damage caused by enamel decay and repairs the enamel, effectively restoring the tooth. CEO Dr Jeff Wright explained:

Initially, Reminova’s technology grew out Nigel and Chris’s sense of frustration. They both have decades of dentistry experience – Chris has also been a children’s dentist for years – and despite the wholly preventable nature of dental decay, it’s clear that patients just aren’t doing enough to prevent it – tooth decay affects some seven billion people at some point in their lives. They felt there had to be another approach to tackling it.

Dr Jeff Wright CEO at Reminova

Progress so far

This ambitious project is ongoing, but so far significant steps towards success have been made. Working alongside some of the UK’s top academics in the fields of dentistry, chemistry, engineering and imaging, Reminova has harnessed the power of remineralisation; a process involving minerals entering the porous, decayed areas of enamel and makes it stronger and denser, eventually hardening into enamel. Incredibly, this process would take the same amount of time it currently takes to complete a traditional filling.

Reminova has patented this methodology and is on track to develop the practical application and use of remineralisation, making it accessible to dental practices around the world.

The highs and lows of funding options

Given the complications encountered through funding this R&D with a grant and creating a claim which falls under both the RDEC and SME scheme at different points, it was clear to Reminova that they would benefit from the assistance of a specialist to guide them through the process and advise on which activities qualified, under which scheme. Dr Jeff Wright explained:

Reminova was formed in 2014 and has grown steadily ever since. Given the ambitious nature of what we are trying to achieve, the team did not have time to investigate the detailed regulations around the R&D Tax Credit scheme. We benefitted from grant funding early on in this project, which complicated our claim and caused us to seek support from MPA.

Their team are well versed in the rules set by HMRC around R&D claims, as well as tax laws and patent box, so they were able to understand what we are trying to do, and how this could be applied to the R&D tax credit scheme. They have been of great assistance in securing us this funding, which will help us in reaching our goals.

Dr Jeff Wright CEO at Reminova

Human and economic benefits

Not only does the successful introduction of this treatment benefit the patient, prolonging the life of teeth affected by decay, but this technology also brings economic benefits. Each year in the UK on average 8 million fillings are performed, and earlier this year The Guardian reported a ‘child tooth decay crisis’, citing that ‘the cost to the NHS of removing severely decayed teeth in under-18s has escalated…from £27.3m to £36.2m’. The technology developed by Reminova could address issues such as these and prevent tooth decay from progressing any further, reducing the need for extractions.

The availability of grants and funding options for companies such as Reminova allows them to continue researching and developing the technologies crucial to make their ideas a reality, which in this case could play a significant part in advancing the dental industry globally.

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