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R&D tax incentives: powering future innovation

UK manufacturers stand to benefit massively if they tap into the R&D tax relief that is available to them.

Rem Noormohamed, Partner & Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, DWF LLP, tells The Manufacturer why it’s important that businesses already spending on developing processes or products should review their expenditure carefully to identify what qualifies for tax relief.  Read here: R&D Tax Incentives: Powering future Innovation 

The MPA view

Mike Price, director of MPA Group, comments: “Businesses can really fuel growth by maximising their R&D tax relief claim, which is why we recommend working with specialist advisers like our technical analysts. Their real-world deep sector experience means they can quickly and easily understand the ins and outs of your product and service development activity, and are able to make sure your business is claiming its full entitlement to R&D tax relief.”

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