Nigel Urquhart

Nigel Urquhart

Senior Analyst

Nigel Urquhart

At MPA I manage a team of technical analysts who are dedicated to helping clients access funding based on qualifying activity. My aim is to maximise the clients correct entitlement from the R&D tax credit claims and identify opportunities to increase the consultancy footprint that we can offer our clients.

My best experience at MPA so far…

My first day and every anniversary since then is a memorable experience.

On a personal note, the year I finished the Squeaky Bone race and Steven Garrod telling me that he was proud of me (after completing only 2 weeks of training before the race).

Nigel in 3 words:

Loyal, funny and nostalgic.

Favourite book / movie / play:

Book: The Kite Runner – thrilling, emotional, sad, historical & social commentary all wrapped up in one book.

Film: Where Eagles Dare – ultimate boy’s own hero action story, coupled with a desire to be Richard Burton, this was an obvious choice. I also enjoy any Laurel & Hardy or Ealing comedy films.

Play: Farinelli & the King (Mark Rylance) was great but just pipped by Andrew Scott’s Hamlet, the last scene left me in pieces. Anything with Andrew Scott or Mark Rylance appearing will be on my wish list.

Hobbies and interests:

Cricket*, Football*, Rugby, Photography, History, Cycling,

*Playing & watching