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Andrew Proudfoot

Business Analyst

Andrew Proudfoot

I work as a Business Analyst specialising in IT R&D claims; utilising my extensive experience in the Telecommunications and Software Development sectors. In my role, I spend time developing strong relationships with our clients to better understand their business needs both now in and the future.

My best experience at MPA so far…

There is not one single experience, but I always look forward to seeing the exciting new developments in technology that our clients create. It feels all the more worthwhile when engaging with our clients who provide services supporting the NHS.

Andrew in 3 words:

Philosophical, logical, and trustworthy.

Favourite book / movie / play:

Book: The Fog by James Herbert: A classic horror tale by my favourite fiction author.

Movie: Planet of the Apes (the 1968 version): The best of all the Apes films, with a stunning score, ground-breaking special effects, whilst dealing with many social and cultural issues that are still so relevant to us all today.

Hobbies and interests:

Gardening for relaxation (and to do my small part for nature).

An avid reader of fiction and non-fiction, with specific interests in Philosophy, Psychology and Science Fiction.

Keen whisky drinker – Slowly working my way through the range of peated whisky distilleries from Islay.

Collector of classic Disco, Funk, and Soul music.