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Lisa Waller- Grow your business by capitalising on government tax relief


Research & Development Capital Allowances (RDAs) offer an uncapped 100% tax deduction for capital expenditure incurred in relation to R&D activity. These represent a further corporation tax saving at 19% using the current rate.

HMRC’s criteria for claiming RDAs is the same as those used for R&D Tax Relief. So, if you’re making a claim for R&D Tax Relief and have incurred capital expenditure on plant & machinery or buildings, you could be missing out.

These Capital Allowances can be used in conjunction with Plant and Machinery Allowances and the Annual Investment Allowance. The Annual Investment Allowance also offers a 100% tax deduction, which is capped at £200,000 per annum. So allocating the different types of costs to the most appropriate relief is crucial in maximising the benefit to your company.

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