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MPA partners with the Materials Handling Engineers’ Association

MPA are delighted to partner with the Materials Handling Engineers’ Association (MHEA).

Who are the MHEA?

Since its foundation in 1938, the MHEA has supported the technical and commercial interests of UK and overseas companies supplying and using bulk handling equipment. Currently the MHEA represents members’ interests across a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to food and drink. The MHEA exists to help generate new business opportunities for its membership, as well as to enhance and promote the public image and raise the profile of the industry within government and other key bodies.

Why the MHEA?

The developments of the manufacturing sector in countries such as Japan, China, and India are expected to propel material handling equipment market growth. These systems are increasingly being adopted in warehouses and production facilities for automating all processes. The early technology adoption in the region will fuel the material handling equipment market demand.

Additionally, stringent government regulations related to operator safety in Europe are compelling manufacturers to use high-quality machines that comply with the standards. Manufacturers of material handling equipment are ceasing an opportunity to cater to specific industry demands by complying with the standards and regulations operating in the industry. This has seen increasing investment into research and development of new automation solutions to meet these needs.

MPA encourages businesses to innovate, as we see first-hand this is a key driver of growth. Our expert knowledge of HMRC concessions designed to enable and encourage innovation will support MHEA members by helping them capitalise on these R&D activities. Not everyone understands or talks the language of HMRC, our technical analysts from the manufacturing sector are experts at identifying eligible activity, and along with our tax specialists, we can maximise the benefit that MHEA members receive.

Material handling equipment is a growing market supporting a vast range of industries. This partnership will support the research and development activities of MHEA members by helping them capitalise on their innovative work.

Tony Cassidy Partnership Development Consultant at MPA

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