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MPA partners with the Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN)

Who are the EMN?

The Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN) is managed by a board of directors made up of engineering, manufacturing and business experts who each have decades of invaluable experience within the sector. The network was created to support thousands of companies which make up the area’s thriving engineering and manufacturing industries, from large multi-national brands and home-grown firms to SMEs and micro businesses. Contributing millions of pounds to the region’s economy, the EMN aims to encourage firms of all sizes to inter-trade, using local suppliers rather than outsourcing to companies elsewhere in the country. They have also created a platform providing companies with expert support; and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Why the EMN?

This partnership continues MPA’s commitment to supporting UK innovation and the EMN aim to offer members expert support and access to the assistance they need to realise their full potential. Using our experienced industry specialists and tax experts we can maximise the benefit received from HMRC concessions such as R&D tax credits and Patent Box, designed to encourage and support research and development. Providing members with a significant cash injection, the schemes will ultimately contribute to supporting the growth of manufacturing and engineering industries in the region.

The UK has a proud history in manufacturing and engineering. Though the sector has declined, it remains important to the national economy and to overseas trade, with the North East having a particular strength. MPA's engineering and manufacturing analysts and in-house tax specialists can maximise the benefit available to the innovative members of the EMN, supporting growth for a stronger future.

Tony Cassidy Partnership Development Consultant at MPA