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MPA and Drive Midlands partner to boost innovation funding provided to the automotive sector

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Drive Midlands. They provide a central hub for businesses; coordinating local support services for the automotive sector and collaborating closely with educational institutions to support skills development.

Who are Drive Midlands?

Drive Midlands is a sector specific support programme developed with . They aim to support the development of SMEs to safeguard the future of the industry.

By working with industry and government, Drive Midlands aims to help develop a robust local supply chain and increase local sourcing levels from suppliers of parts or systems directly to automotive manufactures (Tier 1) and the non-automotive specific suppliers whose parts are often used in cars (Tier 2). They also aim to encourage and improve coordinated working across the entire Midlands area.

Drive Midlands helps its members with the following:

  • Collaborative working to win new business
  • Making products and services more valuable to for customer
  • Getting closer to your customers through better understanding their needs
  • Reaching overseas buyers to increase export sales
  • Getting the most from grants and investments
  • Implementing Digitisation and Industry 4.0 for competitive advantage
  • Increasing supply chain stability and security through reshoring
  • Staying ahead through innovation and reducing time to market
  • Keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry
  • Understanding the demand from new and emerging technologies
  • Keeping your best people as an employer of choice
  • Matching skills needs to meet the changing needs of the industry for both products and processes.

Why Drive Midlands?

Vehicle manufacturers are gearing up to buy more from West Midlands suppliers providing they are competitive, manufacturing to the quality and providing the delivery service manufacturers are looking for. Part of achieving and maintaining this is being able to develop innovative technologies.

Drive Midlands is there to help meet the desire to source more from the UK. They work with companies in the supply chain to help them meet and exceed vehicle manufacturers expectations along with their growth targets.

Businesses in the supply chain are looking to grow and widen their customer base for greater security, but there are barriers to growth such as funding for product development. By partnering with Drive Midlands, our industry specialists from the automotive sector and tax experts can provide their members with a bespoke service to claim back their maximum  R&D tax credit and Patent Box entitlement. From our experience in delivering over £150 million of financial benefits for our clients, the valuable cash injection from the schemes has made massive contributions in funding future R&D, and fuelling growth.

Investment in Midlands Automotive Event

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, the lack of certainty and information available is causing widespread confusion and halting investments within the sector. Drive Midlands and the Department of International Trade are hosting three events from 26th February – 28th February 2019 at three different locations across the Midlands. The morning events will give automotive businesses a chance to build connections, network with people within the industry and hear from guest speakers. MPA Managing Director Steven Garrod will be presenting on the innovation funding schemes available to the Automotive sector. There is still time to secure your free place at this event.

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