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Assembling the A-Team

On the 24th January 2019 we are delighted to be sponsoring Cambridge Wirelesses latest SIG event “Assembling the A-Team”.

The event focuses on how building a strong management team is critical to the success of a business. Not only are the management team the people who will be bringing business owners visions to life, they are also a key consideration of investors when deciding whether you are finance ready. Through our day to day work with businesses claiming R&D tax credits and Patent Box concessions we know how availability of finance is vital to business growth.

The event explores how you can recruit your very own A-Team with insight and advice from experienced business leaders who have been through the process.

From start up to team of 75 in 10 years

One of these business leaders is MPA Group founder and Director Mike Price. He will be presenting his own insight and learnings from the first 10 years of MPA Group.

The first 10 years of MPA Group have been a phenomenal journey, the majority of it going to plan, but some of its been a little rockier than I'd hoped. I'll share the highs and lows in the hope that it is both interesting and insightful.

Mike Price Director at MPA Group

Director of Halpenfield Heather Beardmore, will be presenting on finding talent, retaining talent and building a motivated team. Halpenfield are a software development company that specialises in organising, analysing and visualising data in a way their clients can use, working with big brands like M&S, Boots and Thomas Cook. We continue to work with Halpenfield to find the R&D in data and continue their innovation. Heather will teach attendees how to recruit and retain the right people to make their business successful in a competitive environment as well as find out the mistakes made by Heather and lessons learned on her journey to building a great team.

Like with all of Cambridge Wireless SIG events there is an opportunity upon arrival to network with other professionals and the ambitious tech organisations that make up the CW network.

This event is free for members of the Cambridge Wireless network, and £180 (+VAT) for non-members – there is still time to reserve a place today.

If you are interested in joining the Cambridge Wireless network, visit their website.