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Talitha Heaton

Marketing Manager

Talitha Heaton

My role in the marketing team is relatively varied – which is something I love about working at MPA. Recently, I’ve worked on our new brand as well as the development of Nova, our new service offering. In marketing, we’re always trying to find better, more effective ways of communicating with innovative businesses across the UK. Our aim is to raise awareness of the support available to these businesses and ensure receiving that support is as easy as possible.

My best experience at MPA so far…

Working on the brand project – I’ve worked with people across the business and developed something that really communicates what we’re all about. My hope is that this helps innovative businesses in understanding how enthusiastic and supportive we are of the work they’re doing.

Talitha in 3 words:

Organised, competitive and creative.

Favourite book / movie / play:

Book: Lord of the Flies – fascinating look at how disaster can affect society and what can happen when boundaries are removed.

Movie: The Imitation Game – a brilliant true story of somebody different, who did something incredible.

Play: Hamlet – so dramatic and captivating, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Hobbies and interests:

I’ve recently joined my local ladies rugby team and so far (prior to completing a full winter season!), am really enjoying it. In my spare time I also enjoy running, baking, and reading.