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Samantha Gallagher

Talent and Engagement Director

Samantha Gallagher

I have 25 years of people experience working for companies of different shapes and sizes, across manufacturing; telecoms; retail and logistics, as well as running my own consultancy business for almost 10 years. I always think that there is not much I haven’t seen but people continue to surprise me and I really love that. My role is about making MPA a great place to work! Developing and implementing strategies to maximise performance and engagement by providing an excellent colleague experience and creating an environment of success.

My best experience at MPA so far…

There have been so many amazing experiences so far and there are not many jobs where you can help to improve people’s lives and futures through their work and development. I have the privilege to work with every single person in the business, with the purpose of helping them to realise their potential. which ensures the business fulfils its potential. I am also really proud of the commitment and empathy we demonstrate as an employer. We are a company of individuals and not just a group of people.

Samantha in 3 words:

Funny, focused, kind.

Favourite book / movie / play:

I can never choose just one thing….  It’s why I have 3 children and 3 dogs!!

Books – I love a good crime thriller – Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson; a trashy novel from time to time when by a pool or on a beach and also business books where I can learn something new and expand my mind.

Movies – I love action movies, being able to make all that mess and not have the clear any of it up!  I also love thrillers and really enjoy trying to figure out the plot and I am a sucker for a good period drama – Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility… I love the English language!!

Play – I am ashamed to admit that I do not have an appreciation for the theatre… not even panto, and I am not sure that’s natural!!

Hobbies and interests:

I have three dogs, so I love nothing more than being out in the countryside on a walk with my pack.  If not out walking with them, I like to just walk and explore new areas and footpaths.

I also love love love to travel… in the UK and abroad, just seeing and experiencing as much as I possibly can.  I particularly enjoy road trips and I am always thinking about where to go next.