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Katy Andic

Head of Marketing

Katy Andic

At MPA my role is to motivate a team that excels in delivering marketing campaigns to help potential new clients understand how they can benefit from unlocking funding to support their next big idea.

My best experience at MPA so far…

Embarking on some fast-paced and exciting marketing projects such as re-brand, new website, new online self-serve solution, new email platform and new content strategy to help drive the vision forward with some great marketing minds but it wouldn’t have happened without the collaboration with other departments.

I’m a big believer in it’s important to enjoy what you do (as you spend so much time at work), it’s great to work alongside people that really do care and believe that what they are doing is going to make a difference to UK innovative businesses.

Katy in 3 words:

Positive, loyal, trustworthy.

Favourite book / movie / play:

Book: Girl on a train – couldn’t put it down, a clash of circumstances and the only constant thing in the lead character’s life is a train journey that ends up as a massive puzzle to piece together.

Movie: E.T – childhood classic, who wouldn’t love E.T in their lives as a child?!

Play: The Lovely Bones – beautifully written and cuts to the core.

Hobbies and interests:

Obsessed with anything to do with landscape design, coming from a long line of landscapers it must be in the genes (would live in my muddy wellies if I could). Catching up on films and box sets, Netflix is my go-to chillout session. But absolutely love being outdoors on long family walks with the dogs running around like crazy.