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Blog: STEM Futures Programme

What is STEM Futures?

STEM Futures is a partnership of organisations across industry, academia, and the public sector which provides opportunities to exchange and promote STEM knowledge. These opportunities include shadowing, mentoring, placements and secondments.

By providing opportunities inside and outside of government, STEM Futures will ensure STEM expertise is applied in policymaking and services while also providing valuable development opportunities. STEM Futures delivers on the priorities outlined in the Government Reform Agenda by increasing knowledge exchange in STEM.

How does the programme work?

Partners agree to join the scheme, which then enables interchange opportunities across organisations. A key feature of the scheme is the ‘hubs’ which group partners into communities of practice aligned with areas of interest.

Our partners and contributors have wide-ranging backgrounds and interests, but they all:

  • work in STEM within industry, academia, or the public sector
  • have an interest or expertise in the areas covered by the hubs
  • are looking to extend networks and benefit from development opportunities

The programme is designed to provide flexible development opportunities which meet the needs of individuals and organisations. It aims to support individuals with skills development and career progression, while providing organisations opportunities to address cross-sector issues, improve workforce retention and STEM skills gaps.

How can I find out more about STEM Futures?

If you’d like further information about the STEM Futures Programme or are interested in becoming a partner organisation, please get in touch at