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Plan to make UK ‘global champion of data’ unveiled

A strategy to make the UK a “global champion of data” has been set out, putting it at the heart of the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Data Strategy includes five priority missions the Government must take to capitalise on the opportunities data offers.

Some 500 analysts across the public sector will be trained in data science by 2021 and fellowships working closely with No 10’s data science team will be on offer to attract world-class tech talent, DCMS (the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) said.

It comes amid plans to also hire a new chief data officer for the Government, leading on its use of data to drive efficiency and improve public services.

“Our response to coronavirus has shown just how much we can achieve when we can share high-quality data quickly, efficiently and ethically,” said Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, ahead of a speech at London Tech Week’s Global Leaders Innovation Summit.

“I don’t intend to let that lesson go to waste.

“Our new National Data Strategy will maintain the high watermark of data use set during the pandemic – freeing up businesses, government and organisations to innovate, experiment and drive a new era of growth.

“I am absolutely clear that data and data use are opportunities to be embraced, rather than a threat to be guarded against.

“It aims to make sure British businesses are in a position to make the most of the digital revolution over the years and decades to come, help us use data to improve people’s lives, and position the UK as a global champion of data use.”

Ten new Innovation Fellowships to support the digital transformation will be made available, tasked with supporting the No 10 Data Science team and Government Digital Service networks, among others.

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