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MPA partners with ARA

MPA is delighted to partner with ARA to support the continued growth of the testing aircraft designs.

Who are ARA

ARA combine theory, computer simulations and real-world experiments to solve complex problems within tight budgets and timescales – delivering results to world-class standards in which our clients can have well-founded confidence.

For over 70 years, ARA has been saving time, money and lives by testing aircraft designs to ensure they are safe and to measure performance to give confidence they are worth investing in. From passenger jets to the latest fighters, they continue to play a critical role in the development of aircraft designs.

Their capabilities have been built to meet the world-class standards required for international aerospace research and development and have broad applications across industry. They use advanced technologies including high-fidelity computer simulations and experimental additive manufacturing techniques on exciting, futuristic projects for their customers who may be developing the next generation of aircraft with folding wings or revolutionary micro wind turbines.

Their capabilities are now available to everyone – from design, simulation and analysis to precision manufacture and instrumentation, to calibration, testing and commissioning – benefiting all who are seeking to change our world for the better.

You can choose which of their services you need – and Ara can help you decide by working with you to understand your requirements.

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