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Why they do what they do? Engineers explain their career paths

Engineering is an important sector within the UK, playing a major part in both the UK economy, generating 23% of the UK’s 5.3 trillion turnover in 2018, and employment, with 18.9% of the UK labour force working within the sector. In terms of innovation engineering is fundamental to the UK vision of becoming a global leader in innovation.

Advanced Engineering 2019 was a showcase of amazing technologies and innovations, but it was also a display of some of the great minds and talent within the sector. We took the opportunity to find out from the engineers exhibiting just what it was that led them to become engineers.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Why did you start a career in engineering?

Kevin: As a child having an engineer as a parent and getting involved in mechanical things really led me into it.

Renette: I think for me, it's obviously quite a man environment, so it is a bit unusual. But I've always loved maths and I've always loved science and it's just been a really interesting industry to me and I like the challenges of it.

Stuart: For me and I think for a lot of engineers, it's a bit of a family business. My dad was an engineer. My brother, older brother, he began an engineering apprenticeship. For me, it was just like the logical step where to go really.

Philip: I got into engineering through the classic sandwich course, going through university sponsored by a company. And, you know, to this day, it's the applications that I find fascinating, not that, as a company, we make threaded inserts, but it's everywhere that they're used. That's what I find interesting.

Keddy: When I came to FeTu, what inspired me was the concept, really helping people's lives in terms of decarbonising the future. That is something that's really, really important to FeTu and also to me, so my personal values as well.

Evangelos: I always wanted to, essentially, see the things that I'm designing and that's why I went into engineering and manufacturing. And I believe that's something that still fascinates me today, to be able to touch and feel what I'm building. But I also believe that engineering can help us to engineer, let's say, a better world.

John: You're constantly facing new challenges and it's up to your own ingenuity to answer those questions. It's not always easy. And I think you'll find most engineers are good at solving any problems, whether it's organisational, financial, as well as just mechanical, because that's their thinking. They're there to solve problems and it's working out there's always a way around it. It's just finding what the best compromise is to do that.

Elaine: I just think it's a brilliant opportunity to get involved in a whole new way of procuring your tooling and yeah, I think it's really exciting.

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