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Stephen Hawking named the most inspirational Briton

Everyone has someone in their life who has inspired them, whether it’s a parent, a teacher or a celebrity. But some people rise above the rest and inspire the whole nation.

Our recent research asked Brits to reveal which famous people have inspired them the most and it was the late astrophysicist Stephen Hawking that took the crown.

More than two in five (41%) respondents selected Hawking as the most inspirational Brit, with Sir David Attenborough (36%) and Isaac Newton (35%) finishing in second and third place respectively.

Below we run through the top 10 Brits who have inspired the nation and detail some of the reasons why they have made such an impact on the country.

Stephen Hawking

David Attenborough

Isaac Newton

Florence Nightingale

Charles Darwin

Sir Alexander Fleming

Alexander Graham Bell

Winston Churchill

William Shakespeare

Emmeline Pankhurst

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