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Engineers name top challenges when innovating

Innovating isn’t easy. There are a number of challenges to overcome in pursuit of a solution to a customer problem, or even improving an existing product or service. Research shows that company culture can be a major factor in stifling innovation, with a hesitancy around taking risks and nurturing those ideas required to create something new or unique.

And this is even harder for start-ups. We spoke to a variety of businesses at Advanced Engineering 2019 to get their view on the biggest challenges to overcome when innovating.

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Top challenges faced by innovative businesses

Keddy: Recruitment is one thing. We are a small business based in Elland, which is a very small town. And, you know, we need to have the right staff to really propel this business to where we want it to be.

Kerry: I think the important thing for us is to make sure we're bringing on the innovators of the future. The UK is crying out for more engineers, more female engineers. That's where we need to be investing as a country, to make sure the UK, a best place to carry on.

Javid: Funding is always an issue. We've been quite well supported by the government. I would say the UK government, the EU, also, we're from Edinburgh, Scotland, so the Scottish government are a good supporter of this technology.

Evangelos: The University of Bristol have really supported us from day one. Because I think the most difficult thing is to raise investment and get going and we've successfully managed to do that.

Keith: Like any other company doing something, if you're beating a path through the jungle, it's harder because you don't know where to follow, but in a weird way that's also quite enjoyable. Because when you find something works, it's like, "Wow, it works great."

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