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PR: Business Times feature. Innovation is key for firms looking to realise potential

By Annie Roberts, Features Writer, Business Times

After a year like no other, the relaxation of lockdown measures means businesses can start to breathe, as attention shifts from simply surviving to thriving.

Innovation promises to be the key according to specialists at MPA, a professional service provider which in just 14 years has become one of the UK’s top 100 accountancy firms.

Founder and owner Mike Price is still at the heart of the company which shows business owners how to tap into their potential.

The pandemic has changed the way we provide and consume all types of products and services. Innovation will naturally be different for everyone, dependent on size, industry and available investment,” said Mike, who believes lessons can be learned from sectors not usually thought of as being at the forefront of innovation.

“Restaurants quickly implemented online ordering and delivery, distillers stopped making gin and started producing hand sanitiser, and zoos began conducting virtual tours and animal meetings all to pivot their business models to help serve their customers or the wider community.


MPA has also continued to innovate, in the last year establishing its diversified services portfolio to provide full circle client support. Whatever your business need, MPA now has the answer.

Mike said:

What we’re here to do is help people make the most of the innovation mindset they started their business with, and then help them access funding to support it. I know myself that running a business takes time, money, and creativity, and when any one of those is out of kilter, growth can suffer. It’s hard to find time for innovative thinking when you know your accounts are due, when there’s cashflow to manage, when there is a team to motivate, or simply when customers are waiting.

MPA’s team of experts specialise in helping business owners and directors with the fundamentals; taking care of tax and accounts, providing strategic advice, planning and inspiration where needed, and helping them find the cash to support their visions, through grants, Patent Box and research and development tax reliefs, or general financial management. As an owner or manager it is important that you have the time available to focus on your business whilst also enable your personal aspirations to be met. MPA prides itself on being able to provide advice and support to help leaders achieve just this.

Jo Surley, MPA’s Head of Accounting and Tax, said:

While we’re most known for our research and development tax relief expertise, we provide broader tax, accounting and business advisory services to businesses and their owners both locally and beyond, with clients all over the UK and overseas. In the last few years, we’ve really seen an increase in the number of business owners coming to us looking for a partner who has capability beyond number crunching. People how want a partner who is willing to take the time to understand them and their business, as well as their aspirations and the areas they need support on.

Our team is diverse enough to have technical experts with sector-specific knowledge and experience working right alongside qualified accountants and tax advisors. We are also not constrained by the usual timesheets and chargeable hours, meaning we can truly focus on our clients’ needs. That, coupled with our understanding of the UK innovation landscape, makes us pretty unique.

The pace of change over the last year alone has shown how important it is to remain open and ready to react to unpredictable challenges. Ensuring you’re free to be the pioneering business leader you used to be now will put you in the best possible position to come out of the pandemic ready for a renewed period of growth.

If you need advice, support or even want to ensure you’re being properly rewarded for the r&d you’re already doing, give MPA a call and see how you can take your vision to the next level.

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