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Guides: MPA Guide: How to spot bad R&D advice

In the past few years, the research and development tax relief advisory market has become saturated.

As the government raises awareness of the scheme, accountants, large financial corporations, and funding specialists have increased their expertise in the area, and providers working solely on R&D relief – sometimes called ‘boutiques’ – have sprung up seemingly out of nowhere.

While on one hand this could be deemed beneficial for those in the market for advice, on the other, having so many options no doubt makes it even harder to know what to do next, or for the best.

Whether you’re planning your first or fifth claim we recommend you regularly carry out an assessment to check that you have chosen the most appropriate provider for your business needs.

In this short buyers guide we use our extensive knowledge built up over 14 years of working in R&D tax relief to dispel some of the myths around what being an R&D tax advisor means, and the differences between all the ways you can claim.

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