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Guides: Five tax incentives for innovative SMEs

From loans to grants there are many options out there to support your business and its innovation, but often a route that is not fully explored or understood is tax incentives.

These Government-backed schemes can provide significant benefits at every stage of a business’s lifecycle, from startup to exit.

In this short guide, we explore five key incentives you need to be aware of:

  1. Enterprise Investment Scheme
    Relief offering tax breaks to investors who buy new shares in a company
  2. Research & Development Tax Relief
    A scheme to help you can offset qualifying R&D costs against your Corporation Tax liability
  3. Enterprise Management Incentive
    Gives selected employees an option to buy shares in your company
  4. Patent Box Relief
    Allows a reduced Corporation Tax rate on profits from products or services containing a qualifying patented innovation
  5. Business Asset Disposal Relief
    A tax relief that reduces Capital Gains Tax

Download the guide to find out more about each – and importantly – whether you might be eligible to benefit from them.

Download here