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Video: On-demand webinar: Next steps for SMEs

Navigating the future: next steps for SMEs

If you own or have been in charge of a business over the last few years it’s probably fair to say it’s been a challenge.

Brexit and the pandemic have turned trading environments upside down for companies of all sizes and sectors, and the impact of both is yet to be fully clear.

So what do you do if you’re just coming up for air and you need to start looking to the future?

Join us for this free webinar where we’ll help you understand:

  • Upcoming changes in tax and accounting and implications for you
  • Funding options for SMEs and innovators and how they all work together
  • How to really assess what position your business is in
  • What you need to consider before deciding what your next business goal should be

Whether you’re ready to sell, grow, or just want to get back to normal, our tax, accountancy and innovation experts will share their knowledge and insight to help you move forwards.

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