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Fern-Howard Lighting – Assembling a Solid Case

An R&D Tax Credit claim partnership with MPA translated into a bottom-line business benefit for Fern-Howard.

Fern-Howard designs, develops and manufactures energy-efficient lighting and is a market leader in its field. Renowned for technical expertise, the company supplies electrical assemblies to the lighting industry, and its range of services include precision injection moulding using engineering polymers, optical moulding, tooling and prototyping.

The core business lies within the commercial sector and includes clients such as Jaguar, Siemens and Integral Memory. An increase in production capabilities has seen the installation of advanced robotics, providing a highly automated plant which now operates seven days per week. Innovation sits at the core of what Fern-Howard does, and by using design-led solutions for its clients it is the lighting solutions provider of choice on many complex projects.


Light manufacturers are constantly striving to develop lighting technology that maximises the light output while minimising power input

Peter Scott CEO, Fern-Howard Lighting

Edge-lit technology, similar to a television screen, has previously been developed for small-scale light fittings, but has never been applied to large applications. Fern-Howard took this concept and developed a system of micro lenses and balanced the output of light, which could potentially reduce power consumption by 75% when compared with standard fluorescent tube, lens and diffuser combinations.

Having claimed for R&D activity previously, Peter knew how time consuming this was, never sure that all claimable activity was captured successfully and to maximum effect. Spending time talking MPA through its activity with focus and due diligence around the work undertaken has not only freed up more of Fern-Howard’s management time, but also has given Fern-Howard the assurance that, as a business, it is generating R&D activity in what it does day-to-day for its clients.

More importantly, working with MPA has given Peter the confidence to believe the company is in safe hands throughout the process:

MPA are specialists in R&D Tax Credits. They bring the kind of expertise and experience to their clients that we bring to ours. They know where to find qualifying spend on the complex projects that we are working on.

Our R&D Tax Credit far exceeded our expectation and was significantly higher (50%) than that of the previous year’s claim with our accountant. This is down to working with a team who truly understand R&D activity in this business, something our accountants have difficulty comprehending.

Peter Scott CEO, Fern-Howard Lighting

MPA have consultants with lighting/electronics industry experience and knowledge, which supports the service that they provide. As a result, claim values are three times higher than the average industry claim value.

Whether you are already claiming or new to claiming R&D activity, The MPA Group truly understand the R&D work that you are doing and can translate claimable activity into a bottom-line business benefit by maximising your entitlement.


We are delighted with the financial amount that we have received back into our business, a contribution that would require a 30% increase in sales to match. This makes it a credible and easy business decision.

Peter Scott CEO, Fern-Howard Lighting

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Fern-Howard Lighting

Fern-Howard Lighting is a supplier of electrical assemblies to the lighting industry. A market-leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting.

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