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Bee Lighting – MPA sheds light on R&D Tax Credits

Bee Lighting is profiting from R&D Tax Credits, enabling the rapidly growing company to further invest in staff, equipment and new facilities.

The Redditch-based Bee Lighting works with some of the best-known and most prestigious brands in the world. The organisation’s expertise and partnership approach have built strong working relationships with global blue-chip businesses including Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, as well as iconic UK companies such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Fairline Yachts.

‘Delivering service beyond satisfaction’ is a focus for the business and the guiding principle that has contributed to turnover doubling and the opening of an additional production facility in 2017.

A commitment to innovate sits at the core of the Bee Lighting proposition. From concept, design, testing and build of lighting products, it takes a true partnership approach. Rather than deliver an adequate, but sub-optimal solution, it invests its high design and engineering specialism into producing a product that fully meets its client’s aspiration and specification.

All of this takes considerable investment, and obtaining funding support from the tax system has been an important part of its success.

We invest significant cost in the concept, design, prototype, test and build of our products. It helps deliver a better output in a shorter time for our clients. Research and development is interwoven through all those processes and having expert help to identify what is tax allowable is invaluable.

Paul Crees Managing Director at Bee Lighting

As an example, when developing a single, small light for a prestige brand, over 100 iterations of lens shape were designed and tested, in excess of 1000 frosting effects evaluated, and four ways of fixing the lens tested. Producing sufficient light from only two LEDs, yet still operating in temperatures of 100 degrees C, posed significant challenges. Even though many of these ‘uncertainties’ were not fully resolved, R&D tax specialists MPA were able to clearly demonstrate how they were allowable within the scheme.

MPA’s specialist knowledge of the R&D Tax Relief process, coupled with the sector-specific insight their technical analysts have, means we were able to fully maximise the qualifying spend we included in our claim

Committed to supporting his customers’ growth as well as the company’s, Paul reinvests the benefits of the Tax Credit scheme into staff, equipment and facilities. This will ensure Bee Lighting maintains its position as the lighting partner of choice for some of the world’s most celebrated brands.

Fallon Wynter
Bee Lighting

Bee Lighting's tight-knit team exceed the highest of expectations, using their expertise, experience and drive to deliver premium vehicle lighting results, time and again.

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