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48.3 Scaffold Design – Demystifying HMRC’s rules around qualifying activities

Working with MPA made the R&D Tax Relief claim process easier for 48.3 Scaffold Design.

48.3 Scaffold Design Limited are highly skilled structural engineers who design and develop scaffolding systems for commercial projects throughout the UK. Many Scaffold designs do not cater to the needs of the scaffolder using them – effectively putting their own life at risk to work in difficult conditions to build a poorly conceived or poorly presented scaffold design solution. 48.3 Scaffold Design, believe that it’s not about generic designs, it’s about doing every design on its merits, and doing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In trying to design a system that meets all the criteria specified by the client, we overcome many uncertainties in developing a solution. MPA were able to use their knowledge of the sector to identify the projects that would be claimable through the scheme.

Ben Beaumont Managing Director, 48.3 Scaffold Design

48.3 Scaffold Design were introduced to MPA through a company in their sector who had also been claiming successfully using MPAs robust claim process.

It was very difficult to demystify the HMRCs rules around qualifying activities. MPA’s analyst in this sector, Linda Tomkins, went through our projects and was able to extract the activities that would qualify. Due to the technical nature of our work we needed this expertise and experience to ensure we were claiming in the way required by HMRC.

48.3 are undertaking new projects that are pushing the boundaries in the Scaffold sector and developing new solutions. 48.3 is all about distinction; distinction through service quality, differentiating through continuous improvement.

Working with a company with the same values as ourselves MPA  has made the claim process easier. Because of the quality of service and expertise they have provided, I have recommended MPA to many other companies who are now successfully claiming.

Fallon Wynter
48.3 Scaffolding Design

48.3 Scaffolding Design transform sites into safe, efficient, risk-mitigated working areas. Their aim is to help you to win more work, minimise costs and time frames, and produce long-term competitive advantages.

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