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MPA gets involved in Life Sciences community with latest membership

MPA is very pleased to announce our latest membership with life sciences organisation OBN.

Shared beliefs

OBN’s mission is to be “best-in-class in supporting innovative companies”, which echoes what we aim to achieve at MPA, viewing UK’s innovative companies as the key to economic success, supporting them through R&D tax credits and other relevant funding options.

OBN supports and brings together life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors, running regular events to promote networking and collaboration across the UK. The support they offer is broad, delivered via events, training sessions and even a purchasing consortium.

Learning about the ‘Valley of Death’

Having enjoyed OBN’s BioTuesday in Oxford recently, MPA Consultant Greg Davidson was able to meet with members of the life sciences community and discuss how young R&D companies can access and fully utilise the existing knowledge network. The ‘Valley of Death’ phase in the development of any company is identified as years one to six and given that most of our clients are working through this phase, this is an area Greg was able to confidently discuss with delegates.

It’s crucial for young companies to make the right decisions and seek guidance from experts to build a solid foundation for their business, and at MPA our expertise ranges from R&D tax credits to Patent Box, equipping us with the right tools to advise businesses on the best funding options for them.

Get in touch

If you’re developing a new product or service, or improving existing ones, get in touch with us to explore funding options to support your business. If you’re interested in OBN, visit their website for information on upcoming events and membership.