Why MPA employs more engineers than accountants

MPA Director, Mike Price, explains why MPA employs more engineers than accountants...

Our team of experts are business professionals with extensive industry experience, meaning we speak the same language as you, understand your issues and can identify your qualifying activity against HMRC’s criteria. Our in-depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Credit scheme  allow us put together a comprehensive, robust claim which satisfies HMRC and maximises entitlement for our clients.

We asked our Director, Mike Price, about what makes MPA different. Here’s what he had to say:

But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our clients think about working with us…

The engineering expertise of its analysts really makes MPA stand out from the competition! They understand the intricacies of the world we operate in, far above and beyond the knowledge of a generalist accountant. MPA’s analysts can easily delve into our business, examine our projects, extract what they need to build a compelling case, and then manage the whole R&D claim process.

As a busy business owner, I only need to spend a short period of time each year with MPA to identify which of our projects are eligible. I then trust them absolutely to progress the claim on my behalf, deal with any issues and secure the funds that help my business grow.

Paul Dean Managing Director at A&J Designs

MPA are specialists in R&D Tax Credits. They bring the kind of expertise and experience to their clients that we bring to ours. They know where to find qualifying spend on the complex projects that we are working on. Our R&D Tax Credit far exceeded our expectation and was significantly higher (50%) than that of the previous year’s claim with our accountant.

This is down to working with a team who truly understand R&D activity in this business, something our accountants have difficulty comprehending.

Peter Scott CEO at Fern-Howard

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Talitha Heaton
Talitha Heaton Marketing Executive

My role in the marketing team is relatively varied – which is something I love about working at MPA. Recently, I’ve worked on our new brand as well as the development of Nova, our new service offering. In marketing, we’re always trying to find better, more effective ways of communicating with innovative businesses across the UK. Our aim is to raise awareness of the support available to these businesses and ensure receiving that support is as easy as possible.