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R&D Tax Credits

31st March Deadline

If your businesses’ financial year-end is 31st March 2020, this also marks the deadline for your R&D tax credit claim. At MPA, we understand that this part of the year can be pretty intense and time is the one thing every business needs more of.

Don’t worry, this is where we can help.

We will reclaim your R&D tax credits for you whilst you focus on getting your business ready to finish the financial year.

However, we need to act now to ensure you do not miss out on a vital source of Corporation Tax savings, as any costs incurred on qualifying activities between 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018 cannot be claimed after 31st March 2020 deadline.


What are R&D tax credits?

We've got it all in hand

A major misconception we frequently hear from businesses considering whether or not to make a claim is the concern that a claim can take too much time – which is not the case at all! With help from our team of experts submitting a claim can take up to one day of your time and can yield massive returns.

With your R&D tax credits deadline approaching, we can work around when is most convenient for you.

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Claim what’s yours

The money that you have spent on R&D has already been spent. What the R&D Tax Credit scheme offers is a way to claim some of that money back.

We like to think of the scheme in a similar way to a supermarket loyalty reward programme, where you get a financial benefit for purchasing things you planned to get anyway.

Reclaim my expenditure

With us, there's nothing to fear

The best way to avoid a HMRC enquiry is to compile a robust claim that has been researched and critiqued before it is submitted. This is where working with an expert with 12+ years experience is helpful. Our multidisciplinary team includes tax advisers, accountants and sector specialists, who know the system inside and out.

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Let us start your claim today

Let us start your claim today

It's a win - win situation

You can focus on where you’re most needed whilst we secure your tax savings.

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