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Making an R&D Tax Credit Claim

Our process puts you first

Dedicated to UK innovation, our mission is to help businesses access vital government funding, allowing them to continue doing what they do best.

We know that time is valuable and businesses are often very short of it, so our process for R&D claims is flexible and requires minimal input from our clients. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Maximising your Claim Value

Securing £231m for our clients

We have helped over 2,000 businesses access funding through R&D tax credits. Ensuring our clients get the maximum claim value is our priority and that is why we employ industry experts, who understand the nuances of the sector and can delve into the details of a project. Your claim is important to us and we will do everything we can to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities. We will not just look into your current projects but will also delve into other projects which may also be eligible for a claim.


Get started with your claim

Our R&D Tax Credit far exceeded our expectation and was significantly higher (50%) than that of the previous year’s claim with our accountant. This is down to working with a team who truly understand R&D activity in this business, something our accountants have difficulty comprehending.

Peter Scott CEO, Fern-Howard Lighting

Save Time with our Claims Process

Created with you in mind

A typical R&D tax credit claim can take 3 months, from becoming an MPA client to submitting it to HMRC. However, our team is ready to work at your speed and have been known to complete claims for clients with fast-approaching year ends within 24 hours. With less than 4 hours of your time, our in-house specialists will work efficiently to complete your claim.

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Step 1: Understanding your Business

We stay flexible to meet your needs

  • This initial call or visit helps us to gather some information about your business. Here you will meet your technical analyst and they will also explain how we’ll work together.
  • We will need some information from you about your projects, but don’t worry we prefer to let you talk about your projects. Our experts know the questions to ask and will take all the notes. If you do have things documented, we are able to utilise any system that you are currently using, so no need to fill out forms.
  • As part of your making your r&d claim we will need payroll details and to make things easier we are willing to contact your accountant directly.

Step 2: Writing the Claim Report

Maximising your claim with our experience

  • With over 12 years’ experience, we are very familiar with HMRC requirements and with a 99.5% claim success rate. This is where an expert is important.
  • Our chartered accounts, tax experts work with your finance team to identify all qualifying costs.
  • By taking time to understand your business we can ensure that we identify all projects eligible to the R&D benefit.

Step 3: Submitting your Claim

Accuracy and defence as standard

  • We’ll generate a report outlining your qualifying projects and the financial information to go along with it.
  • Our quality assurance team will ensure that the report written meets all HMRC guidelines and requirements.
  • It’s important that you are comfortable with what we have written so we will ask you to approve before we submit. We are confident in every claim and provide enquiry defence as standard.


Start your claim process

Why Choose an Expert

Although seemingly straightforward the R&D tax credit claims process is can be quite complex. When deciding to make a claim many businesses consider doing it themselves, or using their existing accountants to process a claim, and neither option is a bad choice.

We have created an example R&D tax calculation to help anyone wishing to make a claim themselves better understand the calculations involved. However, it goes without saying that the benefit of using an expert is that you get expertise, years of experience and knowledge. We have processed R&D claims for over 12 years and have the ability and structure to complete claims quickly and accurately to release maximum claim values for our clients.

An R&D tax credit claim is more than a numbers exercise or a quick calculation and we have found that clients who come to us having tried with an accountant or to claim themselves, have either made a mistake in their claim and are facing an HMRC compliance check or “enquiry”, have overlooked elements of their projects which could have been claimed for or have received a very low claim value.

To make a truly successful R&D claim you need the technical expertise of industry specialists who can understand your products, processes and projects and an expert to stand by you in the event of HMRC checks.

Is your choice of advisor costing you?

Calculating a claim for R&D tax credits is not just a numbers exercise. I'd strongly recommend using MPA because of their knowledge of our business, our sector and our clients.

Barry Clark Director, Doc-Works

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