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Because innovation never stops

Releasing you to innovate

Technological developments are changing the world faster than ever before. And if your business doesn’t innovate to keep up with these changes, you could get left behind.

At MPA we know that every day demands can take your time and resource making it difficult to develop ideas. And this is where we can help.

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Supporting UK innovation

We believe that innovation can make a difference, leaving the world a slightly better place. UK business are best placed to make a great impression on the global stage and by paying as much attention to the impact that innovation can make, as we do to its technical brilliance, our experience and expertise transforms that potential into reality.

MPA have changed the way we approach research and development; we are more adventurous and ambitious, pushing the boundaries of the types of R&D we do.

Ben Rigby Creative Director, Haberdashery

Your stories

Since 2004, we have worked with more than 2,000 UK businesses, helping them unlock creativity and innovation and see their businesses grow. Such ideas make a difference to the world we live in and we are proud to tell their stories. Read some of our case studies below.