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December year ends take action

R&D tax credits deadline

With the calendar year soon coming to a close, for many businesses it means that the financial year end is approaching and the focus is turning to the finances.

If your businesses financial year end is 31st December 2019, this also marks the deadline for your R&D tax credits claim.

Ever found yourself thinking “somethings got to give”?

Don’t worry, this is where we can help.

At MPA, we understand that this part of the year can be pretty intense and time is the one thing every business needs more of.

We will reclaim your R&D Tax Credits for you whilst you focus on getting your business ready to finish the financial year. However, we need to act now to ensure you do not miss out on a vital source of corporation tax savings.

How much could you receive?

How much could you receive?


is the average R&D Tax Credit claim value received

It's a win - win situation

R&D Tax Credits is a generous government incentive, rewarding companies with up to 33p for every pound invested in research and development activities. The tax savings received could make a big difference to your companies growth in your next financial year. For instance, it could help fund a new piece of machinery or enable you to hire additional employee’s.

By partnering with us, you can focus on where you’re most needed whilst we secure your tax savings.

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